• Offset Plate

    Offset Plate

    Offset plates made of rubber are for our flexo printing machines, but they are not suitable gravure printing machines.
  • Water-based Ink

    Water-based Ink

    Water-based ink is used for printing PP woven sack or PP woven bags.
  • Bag Sewing Thread

    Bag Sewing Thread

    Polyester Bag Sewing Thread (20/6) is made from high quality ring spun polyester yarn, and is widely used for closing PP and paper bags. The sewing thread is available on small spools suitable for hand held sewing machines as well as large jumbo spools for fixed line sewing installations.
  • Resistance Heating Wire

    Resistance Heating Wire

    Resistance heating wire made of nickeltungsten alloy is used for hot cutting to cut bags. There are two different resistance heating wires, flat cutting and zigzag cutting.